I would highly recommend the PPA course to anyone interested in Astrology.  Ema is an excellent teacher, who presents the information in a very clear and inspiring way.  I am really enjoying the course, learning new techniques, which I will integrate into my professional Astrology practice. (A.L., UK)

I’m very happy you have finally started a course in English. I confirm you are a great teacher, but what’s more important – a great astrologer, whose predictive techniques simply work. I am happy I have a chance to learn those tools. (K.T., Poland)

We have just completed the third lecture of Ema Kurent’s 30 lecture course on personal predictive astrology. I have been really impressed with these – the first two lectures were on planetary sect and chart delineation using sect. The third lesson was on co-natal eclipses in which Ema went through a series of about 16 natal charts showing how the life of the native was influenced by the relevant co-natal eclipse(s). This was a quite astonishing revelation to me – I had never encountered co-natal eclipses before but I can see that they are an extremely powerful technique for chart interpretation. Very much looking forward to the remaining 27 lectures and further insights! (A.K., UK)