HORARY ASTROLOGY – Your Ultimate Horary Textbook with 124 Example Cases
Author: Ema Kurent

NOTE: This is an e-book in the form of a pdf! You can get a printed version at all world’s Amazons.

A horary textbook on 460 pages, large format. This book is more than just a book as it offers an in-depth, self-teaching course. Its 153 pages of theory and 307 pages of practice (124 example charts, all from the author’s files, nearly all with a known result will teach you how to become an expert in horary astrology, and it will also show you how to master natal astrology by learning those ancient astrological techniques that are at the core of the horary art. It is suitable for those barely knowing how to draw a chart as well as for more experienced astrologers and horary practitioners.

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