Fees & Payment

Note: Listed below are the school’s fees. Payment is by Paypal. The final amount you pay is the fee plus Paypal’s fees which are 3,4% of the amount + 35 cents on each payment. If you don’t have euros on your account, Paypal will automatically convert your currency into euros.

Subject 1 – 40 eur (Choose Payment 4)

Subject 2 – 60 eur (Choose Payment 1)

Subject 3 – 120 eur (Choose Payment 2)

Subject 4 – 200 eur (Choose Payment 3)

Subject 5 – 60 eur (Choose Payment 1)

Subject 6 – 100 eur (Choose Payment 6)

Individual sessions – 25 eur (Choose Payment 5)

Note: If you choose to pay for one session belonging to a certain subject and later decide to take the rest of the sessions, we won’t be able to deduct the amount of 25 euros from the whole fee. (For example, if you choose to pay 25 euros for the first session of Subject 1 and then decide to take another 2 sessions, they will be 25 each. In other words, the whole subject will cost you 75 euros, not 60 euros. Same for other subjects.)

Complete course – 550 eur – if paid in a single installment 

Your personal PPAC Diploma: 150 eur (involves your teacher’s personal supervision of your paper and postal costs to anywhere in the world)


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